Lucas,Emilio,Frank and Ellie is going to have a trip to Le Havre, France
Lucas            : Hi Emilio
Emilio            : Hi Lucas
Lucas            : Are you ready for our trip to Le Havre?
Emilio            : Yes I am, I’ve prepared everything from yesterday
Lucas            : Great.  Have you already book the tickets, Lio?
Emilio: Yes, I have book the tickets for everyone
Lucas            : Awesome, let’s pick up Ellie and Frank. They are waiting in the Shopping District
Emilio            : Ok let’s go
At The Shopping District
Emilio and Lucas: Hi Ellie and Frank
Ellie and Frank   : Hi Emilio and Lucas
Emilio            : Are you ready for our trip to Le Havre?
Ellie            : I’m absolutely ready
Frank            : Me too
Lucas            : Frank, why did you bring two backpack?
Frank            : One backpack is not enough for my clothes, so I brought two backpack
Lucas            : Okay, that make sense
Ellie            : Hey, we must go now. Let’s look for a Taxi
Emilio            : You’re right
At Southampton Harbor
Lucas            : We finally arrived at Southampton Harbor
Ellie            : This place is amazing
Emilio            : Look! That is RMS Queen Mary 2, it is one of the largest ship in the world and it       was the most expensive ship on the planet
Lucas            : Really?
Emilio            : Yes, some architechs said that Queen Mary 2 was the longest, widest and tallest passenger ship that ever built
Ellie            :  I also know this ship. Queen Mary 2 has fifteen restaurants and bars, five swimming pools, a casino, a ballroom and a theater
Frank            : Wow that’s amazing! I hope someday, I can travel to Sydney with MRS Queen Mary 2
Emilio            : I’m sorry Frank, but Queen Mary 2 was intended primarily to cross the Atlantic Ocean
Frank            : That’s okay. Maybe I can go to another place
Lucas            : Oh look that is our ship. Let’s go before we late
Ellie            : Okay!

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